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About CourtLane

Your business partner in business solutions

CourtLane is an independent tax, legal and administrative consulting firm. We advise and support entrepreneurs on tax, legal and administrative matters. From pragmatic advice to practical implementation. We oversee your entire situation, both business and private, and organise it optimally. So that you can continue your business carefree.

We guarantee:

  • High-quality knowledge and experience

  • A pragmatic approach to any question or problem;

  • Flexibility, good accessibility and always a quick response;

  • Great empathy and personal attention from the adviser handling your case.

With our problem-solving mentality, we find practical solutions for every situation.


“We offer a wide range of advice and guidance for our clients, ranging from regular tax compliance to complex tax and legal projects"

- Diederik ten Cate

The consultants

CourtLane was founded by Diederik ten Cate and Fred Piet. Experienced consultants with a broad knowledge and expertise.


Diederik A. ten Cate

Diederik is a tax consultant with extensive knowledge of (inter)national tax law. He has extensive experience and knowledge to provide tax, legal and financial solutions to entrepreneurs; not only focused on the business, but also on private situations.


Fred D. Piet

Fred is an international business and tax consultant for both high net worth individuals and international corporations. He has a broad knowledge of tax planning, corporate reorganisation and asset protection schemes.

De adviseurs
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