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Welcom at CourtLane

Tax is our business,

so that you can get on

with your business

advises and supports entrepreneurs on tax, legal and administrative matters.

From pragmatic advice to practical implementation. We oversee your entire situation, both business and private, and organise it optimally.  So that you can continue your business carefree.

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Would you like employees to participate in your company? We provide insight and overview into the possibilities and the financial implications. Read more...

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How to build up your pension favorably? We create a financial plan for the amount needed and how you can build this up in installments. Read more. Read more...

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Structuring your business as a partnership or a sole proprietorship? We calculate the tax turning point and provide an overview in covering the (legal) risks. Read more...

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Where are the financial opportunities in your company? Through our financial health check, we identify all savings opportunities.

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Company car or private vehicle? We calculate the tax turning point for your situationRead more...

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Transferring assets to your children? We help with estate planning; a practical step-by-step plan to prevent a (too) rapid erosion of assets. Read more...

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