About Us


CourtLane was founded in 2019 as a specialist consulting firm by Diederik A. ten Cate (IFK-Advies), Fred D. Piet and Koen J. Slobbe (Fipaco Corporate Consultancy).

Based in Rotterdam and with offices in Amsterdam and Lugano, Switzerland, together with its network, CourtLane provides a full range of tax- and corporate advisory services covering multiple jurisdictions.

CourtLane advises, supports and assists businesses and its owners. A good start is half the work! We provide advice to businesses and its owner(s) in all legal, tax and administrative matters so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business and making the most of it. We do this by counselling and supporting you with a hands-on and practical approach – the Rotterdam approach – in all legal, tax and administrative matters. The tax, legal and administrative matters of your business differ from the matters that you face as the owner of your business. The CourtLane approach offers seamless support to solve these different matters so you can enjoy the benefits of your business without the burden. We serve only one interest: yours!

What we offer

  • A high level of expertise
  • An excellent (in)formal international network
  • Personal and proactive commitment to our clients
  • Flexibility
  • A commercial approach
  • Cost-efficient services
  • The professionalism and expertise of a large organization, without its complexity


Hoflaan 121
3062 JE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Most important features

Independence: We provide objective advice and guidance. Our strength is that we operate in complete independence, providing our clients with the right answer for their specific situation. This independence is a core philosophy at CourtLane.

Broadness and integration of services: We offer a wide range of services and generally oversee the entire financial situation of our customers. We have the necessary information regarding family dynamics, wealth accumulation, the tax situation and estate planning, etc. With this information we can help you structure and manage the total assets of you as a client in an optimal way.

Professionals with various skills and specialization: We offer a wide range of advice and guidance for our customers. We have knowledge of topics such as: (re)structuring, governance, taxation, investments, administrative organisation, relocation and estate planning.

Optimal attention for the customer: the average customer / employee ratio is low due to the high degree of personal attention for the customer and the amount of contact moments required per year.

Planning of assets over several generations: We usually work for the entire family, consisting of the patriarch / matriarch with children, grandchildren, partnership (s), foundation (s) and other entities. The planning includes the predetermined goals of the family, which usually consist of efficiently managing the total assets over several generations. Children and grandchildren are also customers and from an early age are prepared in an educational way about investments, structuring, taxation, estate planning, philanthropy, etc. We thereby facilitate the overall process and often also fulfill the role of chairperson at family meetings.

Outsourcing: In case we do not have the specialist knowledge or skills in-house, we collaborate with niche firms to cover that specific knowledge area. We thereby retain total control and supervision and monitor the integrated approach to the benefit of our clients.